On, off, on, on, off. Up, down, up down. Katy Perry and John Mayer's romance sure is a roller coaster. Months after reports that an engagement was inevitable and weeks after Perry was seen wearing a rock on that finger, the musical duo is said to have split… again.

An insider who is close to the singers revealed to E! that it was Perry who ended the relationship a few days ago. And no, it doesn't appear to have anything to do with the smooch that Miley Cyrus laid on Perry in L.A. last weekend.

Perry has been jetsetting around lately, performing at the BRITs, walking Moschino's runway and going to Miley's show. Mayer has been off the public grid a bit.

It's a bummer, since the couple seemed so in love while riding a mechanical bull in their 'Who You Love' video and while appearing on 'Ellen' around the holidays.

Us Weekly followed up the initial report with some further details and multiple confirmations, making us think that Perry and Mayer, who could never have a cool, combined name -- "Jaty" never really took off -- are indeed done.

Perry and Mayer, who began hooking up in summer 2012, reportedly split in spring 2013 over possible drinking issues on his part, but were back together a few months later.

A source for Us weekly added, "Not sure how long it will last this time but yes, it is off for now."

Perry is about to spend months on the road for her Prismatic Tour, further straining her relationship. And as anyone who watched her concert film-doc hybrid 'Part of Me,' touring and her career were a major cause of the crumbling of her marriage to Russell Brand in 2011.

"She's stressed about the tour, they've been fighting," another source told Us. "It is probably for the best, because she is going to be on tour for forever. Of course this happens all the time, I can't keep track anymore. But for now they are done."

A third source furthered, "They've had rough patches, but this may be for good."

Neither Perry nor Mayer has given any official indication that they are finito. But this doesn't sound very good.

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