If you don't see another family movie this week, make sure that you've seen "Frozen."

Disney's "Frozen" follows two princess, Anna and Elsa in their struggle to rekindle their sisterly love after years of staying separated because of a special gift that Elsa has. Elsa possesses the power to create winter, and after an accident, injuring her sister Anna, when they were young children, she has to learn to "conceal. Don't feel" in order to protect those around her from her powers. After the death of the mother & father, the sisters are all that is left of their family. This leaves Elsa in a position to be crowned as Queen. After a series of misunderstandings, and lots of ice, Elsa freezes Anna's heart. I don't want to give the ending away, so I will stop with the description there.

I will tell you that it has been a long time since I have laughed this hard at a Disney movie. Olaf (the snowman) is my favorite - he likes warm hugs! Kristoff, an iceman, and his adorable reindeer Sven are also huge highlights in the film, although the pinnacle of the film is the deviation from the typical Disney movie. It is not Prince Charming that saves the day in this one. Let's just say, sometimes it isn't a man that a young woman needs to rescue her.

"Frozen" will make you laugh, and it might even make you cry. I would be lying if I said my eyes didn't well up at least once. This is definitely a movie for the entire family!