The Brat Prince is back! Anne Rice has resurrected the Vampire Lestat for another volume in her Vampire Chronicles!!!

Prince Lestat
Photo: Kat Mykals


I have been a long-standing member of #TeamLestat now for many years. I first met Lestat while reading "Interview with a Vampire," a story woven from the accounts of Louis, a fledgling of Lestat. Since my first introduction, I have read all of the volumes of the Vampire Chronicles, along with most all of Anne Rice's other works as well. I won't say that I am an expert, but I am definitely a fan. When I learned of the release of "Prince Lestat" I was more than a little excited. I actually bought it the week of the release but only recently have had the time to sit down with my old friend, Lestat.

If you have never read a single Anne Rice novel up to this point, don't fear! "Prince Lestat" is so well written, and Rice did such an excellent job of coloring in the story, and reminding even longtime readers of each characters relation to the others and to the story as a whole, that you would have no trouble at all reading and enjoying "Prince Lestat" as a stand alone novel. Although, I would recommend reading the other accounts in the Vampire Chronicles, but again, I'm a fan.

Lestat is still impulsive and unpredictable, and his journey through the Wicked Garden is a tumultuous one. He is indeed a prince, after all. Rice has once again knocked it out of the park. I couldn't put "Prince Lestat" down. If you love a good story, give it a try.

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