Over the Labor Day weekend, Mike & I made an impromptu trip to Louisville. It started like lots of other Saturdays have for us. We packed a quick overnight bag (just in case), hopped in the car & picked a direction. Little did we know we'd be howling at the moon later that night at a dueling piano bar in Louisville, KY!

After a beautiful drive through Hoosier National Forest, and a trip to an Indiana winery, we decided that we were close enough to Louisville to just spend the night. A quick check of a hotel app that I have on my phone, and we were beyond pleased to discovered that we were going to be staying at The Galt House for less than half price! We checked into our room, and had wandered down to Fourth Street Live to see what the night had to offer, when we came across Howl at the Moon.

This place advertises that they are a "dueling piano bar." Now, I've never been to a place like this so I have no idea what to expect. I mean, I've seen these places in movies, and I thought: Hey! Why not? Little did I know that it wasn't just 2 guys and 2 pianos on a stage - not at Howl at the Moon! There are 2 pianos, guitars, a banjo, a drum set, a fiddle, and not 2 guys but five guys and a girl! They were SPECTACULAR and lucky for you, I happened to have my camera with me to grab some video! Needless to say, we had a great time! Checkout some highlights.

(All video filmed & edited by Kat Mykals)


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