Apparent newlywed Justin Bieber was seen getting emotional in public yet again this past Sunday (October 28).

Bieber and rumored new wife Hailey Baldwin were spotted, ironically, at the Leaky Cauldron, a Harry Potter-themed restaurant at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida.

A fan outside the restaurant was able to catch Bieber and Baldwin on camera through a window. In the photos, published by the Daily Mail, Bieber can be seen with his head down in his hands. In another shot, Baldwin appears to be comforting her reported new husband, holding his face in her hand as he looks up at her.

This public display of distress comes just weeks after Bieber got emotional as he left a church service without Baldwin in October. This happened hours after news broke of his ex Selena Gomez's hospitalization due to an apparent emotional breakdown following ongoing health issues.

In August, Bieber and Baldwin were spotted getting emotional with one another during a bike ride in New York City, and again later the same day at a cafe.

"You got good days, you got bad days," Bieber told a TMZ reporter as he held up a copy of the book The Meaning of Marriage by Timothy Keller the day after.

The couple reportedly married secretly in September at the New York City Marriage Bureau.

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