Another day, more Bieber drama. Justin Bieber was arrested in Miami, Fla. early this morning (Jan. 23), and for the worst possible reason.

The singer was allegedly taken into custody for drag racing and DUI while in Miami Beach, according to a local news report. Keep in mind too, that Bieber is 19, which is the legal drinking age in Canada. Of course, that doesn't apply in the Sunshine State.

Apparently, the singer was in a rented Lamborghini when he was arrested. He was also driving with an expired license (!!!).

The Biebs trip to Miami has been a bit controversial. He reportedly made it rain at a famous strip club, dropping $75,000. The authorities are said to be investigating an unauthorized police escort from the airport into the city of Opa-Locka. Apparently, this VIP treatment was unapproved.

There videos of the singer skateboarding during his trip on Instagram. Like the one below.

He also tagged a wall with his initials.

He also shared a photo of paparazzi standing IN the ocean to take pics of him while on the beach. The teen posted: "This is how I get to enjoy the beach. :(" That was actually kind of sad -- he can't enjoy mother nature and the paps actually got soaked in order to grab an elusive shot. #OccupationalHazzards.

Sounds like his mom Pattie Mallette needs to speed up that prayer request, though. A DUI arrest is really, really bad news. He could have been harmed. Or even worse, someone else could have been injured. And given his young fanbase, it sends a unbelievably poor message.

Come on Biebs. Straighten up and fly right, kid. You're doing irreparable damage.

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