After a controversial season on 'The Bachelor,' not too many people -- ex-contestants, fans, celebrities and even host Chris Harrison -- are happy with Juan Pablo Galavis right now. But one fan reportedly took her hatred for Juan Pablo to a whole other level in Atlantic City, New Jersey the other night, throwing a drink in his face at the Pool After Dark event at Harrah's Resort.

The disgruntled fan reportedly screamed, "F---ing douchebag!" at Galavis as she tossed the drink at the reality star, who was sitting on a couch. Security immediately escorted the partygoer out of the event.

But Galavis took it all in stride -- of course -- and continued to enjoy his time at the party, where he was later joined by Nikki Ferrell around 1 AM.

While the angry fan may have been the first to physically do something about her distaste for the Bachelor, plenty of others have voiced their opinions. Contestant Lucy Aragon recorded a ridiculously hilarious NSFW song about Galavis' douchey antics. John Mayer even put in his two cents, Instagramming his analysis of the reality star.

It seems like Ferrell is the only one not bothered by Galavis' attitude, even if he infamously refused to tell her he loved her during the season finale. And hers is the only opinion that really matters. As the reality star told PEOPLE several weeks ago, he believes himself to be a good guy -- and the people who truly know him know that.

“It’s hard because [viewers] saw a character on TV,” he revealed to the magazine at the time. “A lot of things about me were not shown. I’m not a bad guy. People who know me, know who I am.”

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