It is truly awesome to see how we, as a society, are coming up with ways to take care of all the different groups in our community - the nurses and doctors, the police, fire and EMTs, our senior citizens and our youth. But there's one segment of the population that I haven't even thought of until I saw this story, and that is Make-A-Wish kids.

We have all been forced to give up things during the quarantine - once in a lifetime things like proms, graduations and big wedding celebrations. The kids battling, in some cases, life-threatening diseases have had to put their life's dreams on hold. In many cases, the things we are missing out on will return and life will return to (the new) normal. That may not necessarily be the case for every Make-A-Wish kid, although we certainly hope and pray that all those wishes will still, someday, be granted.

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The Jonas Brothers are long-time supporters of Make-A-Wish, and they haven't forgotten about all those kiddos. They can together (virtually) to send some encouraging words to Make-A-Wish kids through the Messages of Hope program.

And they're not the only ones sending out hope and love. Fellow wish-granter Ryan Reynolds is on board too, along with Terry Crews, Gordan Ramsey, Jojo Siwa and a bunch more!

You don't have to be a Jonas Brother, or Ryan Reynolds, or any other kind of celebrity to send a Message of Hope. Every one of us is invited and encouraged to take part. Just visit Messages of Hope for the super easy steps to share your version of hope with Make-A-Wish kids.

Thanks to for sharing this awesome story!

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