Jimmy Fallon and Taylor Swift have a very special friendship. Last night, on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Fallon disclosed that he and Swift used to be "famous Jumbotron dancers."

"Yeah, we used to go to the sporting events in New York," Swift added, "and really just give it our all."

Fallon revealed that he was upset because "public dancing" used to be "our thing." Swift agreed - "I forgot that used to be our exclusive thing" - before Fallon cut to a brilliant video of the two of them dancing on a Jumbotron.

Do they do the Robot? You bet they do. They also successfully execute the late '80s "Running Man," perform the early nineties classic "Cotton-Eyed Joe," as well as "Maniac," a somewhat more obscure hit from the classic movie "Flashdance." It's all hilarious, and available for your viewing pleasure in the video above.

There were other equally charming moments throughout the night. At one point, Fallon encouraged Swift to put their friendship to the "best friend test."

"There's like a best friend test, where you guys get two blank pieces of paper and you draw each other," Fallon said. "You have 20 seconds and you're not allowed to look down." The better the two performers were able to draw each other, the stronger the bond of their friendship.

Great idea, hilarious concept, and mysterious ... results. While Fallon and Swift are some of our most popular performers, their artistic skills don't rack up quite as many Emmys and Grammys. Still, the "best friend contest" was so enjoyable to watch, and you can see more of it in the video below.

We can't wait to see Swift perform with Fallon again, either on the show, or on a Jumbotron.

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