While the majority of the people in South Florida are trying to get the hell out of dodge, Jim Jones is still in Miami giving us raw uncut footage from Hurricane Irma as it touches down in the Sunshine State.

Jim has been reporting on the storm from his Miami digs all day. "It's your nigga the meteorologist," Capo says in one video posted to Instagram, while standing on his balcony, smoking a cigar in a dapper suit. "We got some things we really need to talk about. I heard Key West, Homestead, y'all really need to get the fuck out of there." He continues to give the break down of how real it is getting for Florida residents.

Back in the "studio," Jim continues his hilarious news anchor act. Pointing at a section of the city on his TV, he announces, "As you see, we got a bird's eye view of what's going down in Miami so far. I don't really know what area this is but the shit looks like it's getting real fucked up out here."

Jimmy takes his reporting even further by stepping out on the beach to assess the situation. "It's choppy out here. Don't go to the beach motherfucker. It's that simple," he says while the wind whips his clothes and the waves crash in the background.

All jokes aside, things are getting real in Florida, with Irma baring down on the state. Hopefully, hip-hop will do their part to help out following this disaster like they did following Hurricane Harvey, which ravaged Houston.

Lil B has already offered to give free verses to any Florida MCs affected by the hurricane.

Check out Capo's live reporting below.

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