Fly Gang E-N-T brought Jim Jones to The Pointe (Formerly Marina Pointe) last night and Jim made a hot night event HOTTER! There were a couple of good opening acts including the crew from Hard Headz, and the party sounds were provided by DJ's 2Black and Durdy!

The official drink for the evening was Ciroc on ICE (a LOT of ice) and I have to admit that it tastes pretty good. I guess one dude had too much though, cause at one point during Jim Jones performance, some random decides to jump on stage and "kick it" with Jones only to GET kicked right off the stage, and I do mean KICKED,  into the crowd that parted like the RED SEA when he fell. Not crowd surfing for THAT guy!

It was a great night, even though it was very hot, but having the show OUTSIDE definitely helped! Can't wait for the next FLY GANG E-N-T joint...see you there!


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