If you're from the Owensboro area, you've likely seen this man.  I guarantee you would recognize his voice if you heard it.  But, more importantly at the moment, have you seen his shirt?

That's my buddy Jerry Birge. You remember him, right?  Jerry is an Owensboro radio and TV legend most recently seen daily as the host of Around Owensboro on Time Warner Cable Channel 8.  Obviously, Time Warner isn't in our area anymore and when they left town, the show packed up shop too.  But, for years, Jerry started off each morning here in town with a 30-minute TV show that highlighted everything going on Around Owensboro.

I made several appearances on Jerry's show and always loved sitting down to visit with him on the classic Around Owensboro set- with its chairs, coffee table and bookshelves loaded up with endless books, knick knacks, candles, greenery and more.  Every time I went on Jerry's show, I would always rearrange stuff.  LOL!  I'm not sure if Jerry found that funny or irritating, but I always thought it was hilarious.

Out of curiosity, I searched on YouTube to see if I could find some archived footage of Jerry and the show.  I did.  Check this out!  It's vintage Around Owensboro, vintage Jerry!

There's no doubt that Jerry dedicated much of his time on TV to helping nonprofits share information about their upcoming events.  Now, he's looking for a little help from his friends.  And, for the record, the situation isn't dire at all.  But he kinda lost the shirt off his back.  This one!

I reached out to Jerry to let him know we're going to rally the troops to try and help.  If you have seen that shirt or know where to get a replacement, feel free to let Jerry or me know.  Heck!  I don't even mind if you send me a message through the station Facebook page or shoot me an email at chad@wbkr.com.

Granted, the shirt isn't easy on the eyes.  My friend Belinda Abel said, "It must have been comfortable because pretty it isn't!"

Jerry's buddy, Bob Ruxer, said, "Looks to me it’s about 3 dozen different shirts that called one shirt home."

That shirt definitely has a home. Jerry!  It just needs to make its way back there.

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