After a glamorous, star-studded grand re-opening on Jan. 18 that included the Hova himself rubbing elbows with billionaire Warren Buffett and making his first post-Blue Ivy appearance, Jay-Z‘s posh 40/40 club is already racking up health code violations.

The venue closed last summer for upgrades, but apparently, the club is still lacking in the sanitary conditions department. One worker was seen mixing salsa with his bare hands – what, no spoons were ordered during the renovations? — and the fridge was busted!

The New York Post reports that 40/40 was shut down the next day (Jan. 19) , due to a whopping 69 violation points that were “awarded” by the health inspector. The report indicated that food had been left on the counter and stated, “Food worker does not use proper utensils to eliminate bare hand contact with food that will not receive adequate additional heat treatment.” Yeah, so in layman’s terms, the worker was mixing salsa with his hands. Yuck. Gross. Bleh.

TMZ reports that the health inspection also stated that food was not stored at proper temperatures, which makes for a breeding ground of bacteria and contamination. However, the Hova’s people sprung into action on the quick, cleaning up the mess and blaming a malfunctioning refrigerator as the source of the problems and citations.

Club rep Ron Berkowitz said the fridge blew right before the health inspector arrived to conduct his spot check. Uh huh, suuuuuuure it did! Even so, Berkowitz said that staff realized the problem and had no plans to serve food from the busted fridge. The problem was rectified and the club re-opened, with a new health code grade to be determined.

We want to know if they got some spoons and utensils to keep hands out of the salsa. It doesn’t get any grosser than that. Who knows where that employee’s hands have been or the last time they were washed?

What do you think PopCrush readers? Would this news deter you from frequenting the 40/40?

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