This sweet girl doesn't understand why she ended up in a shelter.

Every week, Lindsey from the Warrick Humane Society brings us a pet to talk about on the air. On the third Thursday of every month, we visit the humane society and get to meet and talk about several pets. It's always hard saying goodbye to the animals and seeing them go back into their cages. They spend say after day inside a shelter, waiting for someone to give them the home they deserve.

This whole process is emotionally draining. You wish so bad you could take every one of them home and give them the life they deserve, but that's unrealistic. However, the reason we do this is to increase adoption rates and get the word out about these amazing animals that need a second chance. We have helped several animals find their way into loving homes and it's the most rewarding feeling. While every single one of these animals touches my heart, one stood out to me far beyond the rest.


Her name is Jasmine. The second Jasmine was brought into the room to meet us, she was whimpering and shaking. She didn't understand where she was or why she ended up there. It was heartbreaking to see her so confused and scared. We tried feeding her treats and giving her love, but she was just too shaken up.

Jasmine had been adopted from the Warrick Humane Society as a puppy, but was surrendered after a year because her owner began working too much to care for her properly. I can't emphasize enough how sweet and loving she is. I know we say that about every animal we meet, but Jasmine touched my heart in a different way.


As you can see, Jasmine started warming up to me after a few minutes. She was resting her head on my lap and begged to be pet more every time I would pause. You can tell she will unconditionally love whomever decided to bring her into their family.

Jasmine has no idea why she ended up in a shelter. She is a good girl and is great with other dogs. Matter of fact, she tends to perk up more when she gets to play with other pups and really comes out of her shell. She's sweet enough for any home and needs the right family to give her the life she deserves.

If I could take her, I would in a heartbeat. If you have any room in your home for Jasmine, she would make an amazing companion. Go see Jasmine and all the other wonderful dogs and cats at the Warrick Humane Society today.

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