James Corden addressed that viral "Carpool Karaoke" video of him not driving.

In case you missed it, the Late Late Show host sent the internet into a complete frenzy earlier this month after a fan posted a video of him and Justin Bieber being pulled by a truck in what appeared to be a new "Carpool Karaoke" skit. This prompted everyone to wonder if Corden ever actually drives his cars during the popular segment.

Now, Corden has addressed the video himself to set the record straight.

"I've recently been the victim of a scandal in the media, and there's been some very serious, serious allegations made against me. And I want to get ahead of everything and address those rumors and assure you, my audience, that these accusations are not true," he said. "I am, of course, talking about the people saying that I don't drive the car during Carpool Karaoke. Now, I really hate that I'm about to say this, but fake news."

"I know this looks bad," Corden said, "but I just want to say right now that I always drive the car unless we're doing something where we think it might not be safe. Like a dance routine, or a costume change or if I'm drunk. But in the case of Justin Bieber, it was a safety issue where we thought it was best to tow the car."

"Frankly, I just kept getting lost in his eyes," he joked.

"I swear to you, 95 percent of the time, I really am endangering the lives of the world's biggest pop stars," Corden teased. "But this is a TV show. Not everything is real," he added. "I'm sorry, that you were so deep into the reality of Carpool Karaoke, but it's TV and sometimes we do stuff just for the sake of entertainment."

Watch Corden's full response to his "Carpool Karaoke" scandal, below:

Following Corden's admission, Bieber also weighed in on the controversy, jokingly tweeting, "Wait... you weren’t driving the car? How could you James? I’m shocked."

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