Kentucky is home to so much amazing wildlife. White tail deer, elk, wildcats, over 350 species of birds including majestic bald eagles, racoons, foxes, the list goes on.


Land Between the Lakes Elk and Bison Prairie

In Golden Pond, KY there is a nature preserve where visitors can drive through the 700-acre prairie and watch elk and bison in their natural habitat. You'll also see wild turkeys, guineas and the occasional bonus critter as you journey through. My family has been there a couple of times and it is always exciting to spot such incredible creatures without a hint of the outside world, minus your vehicle, of course.


What to Expect When Visiting the Elk and Bison Preserve

Depending on what time of year or even time of day you go, you'll get to see different aspects of nature. Admission is only $5 per car and the hours are sunrise to sunset. According to the preserve website,

"During the spring months, you'll see new bison calves huddling close to their mothers.  In summer, the prairie grasses and flowers come alive.  Breeding season begins with the bulls become more aggressive.

Fall months bring the unmistakable "bugle" call from the elk as they holler out for their mates.  There's nothing quite like the sound a bugling elk makes!

The optimal time for viewing the animals is in the morning and evening.  Many times the bison are in the road, so you'll need to obey the strict speed limit law."

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Video of Fox Pups Playing in Land Between the Lakes, Kentucky

I have never seen any foxes there, but I do know that they live in the area. Both red and gray foxes are native to the Bluegrass state. The U.S. Forest Service in the Land Between the Lakes area recently got adorable footage of some cubs, also called kits or pups having a ball playing together.

It looks like they either caught a snack they are fighting over or some kind of piece of fabric maybe? Either way, they remind me of SparKy puppies wrestling and pouncing. Absolutely adorable! Have you ever seen foxes in the wild like this?

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