Owensboro's local film scene has grown exponentially in the past decade and The Daviess County Public Library has been an integral part along the way ever since the Unscripted Indie Film Experience debuted there in 2013.
Daviess County Public Library
Daviess County Public Library

How Did Unscripted Indie Film Experience Begin?

Wes Johnson with DCPL recalls the origin of the event, "PJ Starks, a local filmmaker, came up with the concept for the series and pitched it to DCPL’s director at the time, Jim Blanton. Blanton and Starks bonded over their love of genre films and their enthusiasm for the event was quite infectious."

Kentucky Library Film Program

After that initial year, the Unscripted team added a film school component for the series which was very popular.  The submissions for short movie ideas piled up, but only two were chosen to move on to production.  "Recorded and edited in the library after hours by a team of working filmmakers and patrons who were interested in learning how films were made. Those shorts debuted the last night of the next Unscripted and both received quite a bit of attention online."

Volumes of Blood by Verite Cinema Films

For the next Unscripted Film School, we went even bigger. That’s how Volumes of Blood, which featured a cameo from WBKR’s Dave Spencer was born." Wes told me.
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Even though that has not been an aspect of the film series in recent years, there is no doubt it inspired a new generation of filmmakers and fostered interest in the acting community to learn a new craft. We have such a thriving theatre scene, that it just makes sense for Owensboro to have another avenue for actors other than just on the stage. Look at this incredible poster made by Madisonville comic author and artist, Chris Schweizer.
Daviess County Public Library/ Chris Schweizer
Daviess County Public Library/ Chris Schweizer

On September 9th at 7 PM three films with Owensboro connections will be shown with Q&A and live commentary from those involved in the productions. It's honestly more like an audience/maker conversation for a laid-back behind-the-scenes insight into their process. It is totally free and thanks to the Malco there will be popcorn and drinks for the full experience. You can find more information about the films being shown and the series itself on the Unscripted Film Experience Facebook page.

 What Films Will be Screened at Unscripted Night 2

Surreal by Christian Potts & Taylor Graves of Black Flag Pictures
Ghost-o-matic by Shane Devon of Tinkertone
Plan of Action by Ryan McCurdy of Man Throws Stick Pictures
Here are a couple of the trailers to give you a sneak peek at what to expect. You'll probably see some familiar faces!

Being involved since its inception, Wes is passionate about sharing this event with the community. He explained why, "Libraries have changed dramatically in the past few years. Books, of course, will always be the most important thing we offer to people. But it’s also important that a library serves as a cultural hub for their communities. Many patrons have attended Unscripted in the past, met filmmakers they had no idea were working in the area, and went on to become involved in film themselves. I know one went on to work on one of the newer Halloween films. So, though it seems unconventional, Unscripted aligns with the “cultural hub” status and educational mission of DCPL."

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