We have all heard a bump in the night and wondered if our house might be haunted, but what are the odds that it actually is? A recent study has determined the likelihood of living in a haunted house in major cities across America, and one Kentucky city is in the Top 5.

Stigmatized Properties

The study from Assurance IQ looked at data from Housecreep.com to determine the likelihood of living in a haunted house in the 100 largest cities in the United States. The results are, well... scary. What do they consider haunted? Homes that have been stigmatized due to crime, death, or paranormal activity, just to name a few of the criteria, are considered to be "haunted" or carry some sort of stigma.

We crunched the numbers to identify homes based on paranormal sightings and crime data. Next, we compared these numbers to the total number of homes in each city to determine the likelihood of living in a haunted house by city. - Assurance IQ

So what are the odds that the home of your dreams could be haunted? If you live in Tulsa, Oklahoma the odds are pretty high with 329.78 out of every 100,000. Akron, Ohio takes the number two spot and Little Rock, Arkansas holds it down at number three.

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Kentucky in the Top 5

Holding onto the number four spot on the list is Louisville, Kentucky.

Floating in fourth place is <strong>Louisville, Kentucky</strong>, with 83.66 haunted houses per 100,000 homes. Better pack some sage and salt to go with your mint julep when you move here! - Assurance IQ

Other cities in the top ten include:

#5 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

#6 Provo, Utah

#7 Chicago, Illinois

#8 Knoxville, Tennessee

#9 Greenville, South Carolina

#10 Dayton, Ohio

Least Haunted

If you want to live somewhere with the least chance of ending up in a haunted house, check out Austin, Texas with only 2.11 haunted houses per 100,000.

[Source: Assurance IQ]

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