Be on the lookout for snakes at these lakes in Kentucky.

It's no secret that I am very afraid of snakes. That being said, I do understand there are some benefits to keeping them around. However, if I were to see one in my yard, I would instinctively run away. I want nothing to do with those nope ropes! Now, let's talk about something that will really make you think twice about spending some time on the lake by exploring the most snake-infested waters in Kentucky.

Let's say you are spending the day on a Kentucky lake (there are quite a few great ones to choose from). You could be fishing, boating, or swimming when all of a sudden you see a snake's head pop out of the water...or even worse, you accidentally step on one and get bitten. That's one of my worst fears. Snakes in Kentucky waterways are not uncommon. That being said, it’s important to know which bodies of water are the most snake-infested in Kentucky, so you can be a little more cautious.

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According to A-Z Animals, Kentucky is near the top of the list for states with the highest number of snake species. That's kind of scary if you ask me! There are over 30 different types of snakes found in Kentucky Twenty-eight of those species are non-venomous, but four are venomous.

The venomous species of snakes in Kentucky are the copperhead, western cottonmouth, timber rattlesnake, and western pygmy rattlesnake. The cottonmouth remains the only venomous water snake that inhabits Kentucky lakes.

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Chances are, when you are on or near any lake in Kentucky, you won't encounter these venomous snakes. However, you have a pretty good chance of running into a water snake or two. The water snakes found most often in Kentucky include:

  • The common watersnake
  • The queen snake
  • The plain-bellied watersnake.
  • The diamond-backed watersnake
  • Eastern garter snake
  • Western cottonmouth
  • Eastern ribbon snake

A-Z Animals has an article revealing the top three most snake-infested lakes in Kentucky, so let's check them out.

These are the Most Snake-Infested Lakes in Kentucky

Below, you will see what A-Z Animals says are the three most snake-infested lakes in Kentucky. You may or may not be surprised.

1. Lake Barkley

This lake is located near Land Between The Lakes and offers amazing scenic views of the forest, lakes, rolling hills, and more. Among the water sports you can perform on the lake are swimming, fishing and boating in the marina, and paddling. Oh, and there are quite a few snakes! While at Lake Barkley, you may encounter the following snakes:

  • Northern watersnake
  • Eastern garter snake
  • Northern copperhead
  • Eastern cottonmouth
  • Black rat snake
  • Western Kentucky rat snake
  • Timber rattlesnake

2. Kentucky Lake

On the other side of Land Between the Lakes is Kentucky Lake. Since it neighbors Lake Barkley, this lake has much of the same amenities, and it also has a thriving snake population. Like Lake Barkley, the most common and harmless snakes to find in the lake are the northern water snake and the eastern garter snake. As for venomous snakes, keep your eyes peeled for cottonmouths and rattlesnakes, though the sightings are rare.

3. Lake Cumberland

Lake Cumberland State Park and Resort offers practically every outdoor and water activity you can think of, including birding, boating, swimming, and more. That being said, you might want to keep an eye out for these snakes:

  • Northern watersnake
  • Eastern garter snake
  • Black rat snake
  • Timber rattlesnake

4. Rough River Lake

Rough River Lake is a great place to get away and spend the summer. There are a lot of great activities like fishing, swimming, and boating. While not the most snake-infested lake, Rough River is home to a large amount of the common water snake. Some visitors claim that these snakes are pretty aggressive too!

5. Barren River Lake

This state park and resort is meant for fishing, hiking, swimming, and dining. Barren River Lake has a plethora of non-venomous snakes. Some species you might find in Barren River Lake are:

  • Black rat snake.
  • Timber rattlesnake.
  • Eastern corn snakes

6. Green River Lake

While the fishing is great at Green River Lake, the chances of running into a snake here are also great. This includes rattlesnakes like the timber rattlesnake between the end of spring and early summer. While some of the bites from rattlesnakes are “dry bites” — meaning they don’t expel venom, these bites still hurt and need medical attention. During the months they’re out and about, rattlesnakes can roam the park any time of day or night.

There you have it, the most snake-infested waters in Kentucky. Now, I know hearing that might deter some from visiting some of these lakes. However, these areas have a lot to offer. You shouldn't avoid visiting these Kentucky waterways during the summer. A lot of fun can be had, just be aware of your area and stay safe while still having fun. You can learn more about the most snake-infested waters in the Bluegrass State by clicking here.

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