I can't think of a creepier place to host a paranormal-themed convention!

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The Indiana State Sanatorium

Located in Rockville, Indiana sits the old Indiana State Sanatorium.  According to the Indiana State University Library, the Indiana State Sanatorium was once called the Indiana State Tuberculosis Hospital and was opened in 1907.  The Sanatorium had great success with curing tuberculosis and in 1919 the name was changed to the Indiana State Sanatorium.  The old building was abandoned in 2011 but then purchased in 2020 where the new owner sets up tours and overnight stays (IndyStar). With a place that has a notoriously haunted history like the Indiana State Sanatorium, it makes sense that they would host a paranormal convention. 

It's said that the Indiana State Sanatorium is said to be a prime location for hearing disembodied voices, seeing apparitions, and a hotbed of poltergeist activity.  If you think you're brave enough to roam around the grounds of the old sanatorium yourself, you can check out the Indiana State Sanatorium's different tour options, here.




On August 17th, 2024 ISS Con will take place, this year it will be at the Billie Creek Village. Billie Creek Village is only 7 minutes from Indiana State Sanatorium so it will be easy to enjoy both properties during the convention.


Here's what Indiana State Sanatorium has to say about ISS Con and the special guests they already have lined up:

What’s happening on SATURDAY (AUGUST 17, 2024)

ISS Con 3 ($20 per person admission - children under 10 are free) Tickets purchased at admissions booth.
CON start time: 10AM
Free admission if you bought your spot for the FRI or SAT night events. (Details coming soon)
Vendors of various teams and businesses
Meet and Greet with Special Guests
Raffles for various incredible prizes and properties
Giant Group picture outside in front of Billie Creek Village
CON end time: 5:00PM
Address 65 S Billie Creek Rd Rockville, IN 47872
Special guest: Project FEAR
Special guest: Steve Brodt and Dylan Stevens of Haunted Nights
Special guest: Kalani Ghost Hunter
Special guest: Christopher Lee Jansen
Special guest: Lauren Hellekson
Hosted by Resident Undead

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