It's safe to say Indiana is home to many great eateries, but I recently found one that takes dessert, and perhaps even breakfast, to a whole new level. I absolutely love breakfast foods and could probably eat them for every meal. Whether it's an omelet stuffed with sausage, peppers, and onion, a stack of pancakes doused in syrup, or a simple bowl of cereal, I'm always game, no matter the time of day.

There is one shop in Indianapolis, Indiana, that serves up an assortment of sweet treats, encompassing elements of dessert and breakfast. They have some of the old favorites, like ice cream, milkshakes, and custom sundaes, but they also take sweets to a whole new level by incorporating everyday breakfast cereal and donuts. In fact, this place is home to the Donut & Fruity Pebble Ice Cream Sandwich, which is exactly what you would expect.

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TeeJay’s Sweet Tooth, 8660 Purdue Rd. Ste. 600, Indianapolis, has been around since 2018 and was established by owners Taylor and Jerome. According to their website, they are both licensed dental hygienists, which they say just gives them added job security. TeeJay's Sweet Tooth has 16 flavors on hand at any given time, but they rotate them to provide folks with even more tasty combinations. When you walk in, you get to decide your ice cream and toppings for whatever item you choose. For a custom donut ice cream sandwich, you get to select two scoops of ice cream and one topping to be smashed between a warm-glazed donut.

The donut ice cream sandwich isn't the only item on the menu that will surely meet your sugar craving. TeeJay’s Sweet Tooth also features a Cotton Candy Burrito, which includes your choice of ice cream and toppings encased in a cotton candy wrap. Can't have dairy? No worries, because vegan and gluten-free options are available so that everyone can get a taste of the madness.

While Indianapolis may be a bit of a drive, I think this unique ice cream parlor might be worth the day trip. You could always run there, and if you do that, you won't feel guilty about ingesting some calories. Either way, if you're ready to try something different, I think TeeJay’s Sweet Tooth might just be the place.

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