Several types of invasive shrubs in Southern Indiana now have a "bounty" for them that comes with a reward of some kind.

There are plenty of invasive species in Indiana. From insects to plants, the list of invasive species is quite long. When it comes to invasive plants in Indiana, there are several commonly found in landscapes and woodlands that most people don't realize are actually invasive shrubs. These shrubs can cause harm to the ecosystem in a variety of ways. Now, residents who have any of these invasive shrubs on their property are being asked to remove them for a reward. 

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Bounty for Invasive Shrubs in Southern Indiana

Warrick, Posey, Vanderburgh, and Gibson County SWCDs are holding an invasive shrub trade at the start of March 2024. If you send in a picture of yourself removing an invasive shrub then we will trade you a native shrub in return! For the next few weeks, we’ll be posting a native shrub spotlight about each of the available native shrubs you could pick-up in March to replace the invasive you removed. So, what are these invasive shrubs with a bounty attached to them? Let's check them out. Each shrub has a video attached to it explaining why they are invasive species and furthermore, why they should be removed.

Japanese Barberry


Burning Bush

Wintercreeper Shrub


Again, it's imperative to the environment that these invasive shrubs are removed. To take advantage of this bounty and reward, they just need a picture of the shrub removed, you can email it to and pick up your shrub at the specified time and location. If you have questions please email or call the office at 812-423-4426 x3. You can learn more in the post below.

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