Indiana's most unique food combo is one that you either like or you don't. There's no in-between.

I'm sure that we all have some strange or unique food combo that we enjoy. For me, I the first one that comes to mind is macaroni and cheese with brown gravy. Don't knock it until you've tried it. I discovered it by accident when I was a kid at the Old Country Buffett and have been covering my mac and cheese with brown gravy every chance I get ever since. Now, there are several food combinations that have garnered quite a lot of attention over the years, as they have grown in popularity. Mac and cheese with brown gravy is not one of them (though it should be).


The one food combination that gets the most controversy is the ole' pineapple on pizza debate. Well, one website made it their mission to find each state's most unique food combination. Chicco USA took a look at America's Favorite Unique Food Combinations and discovered each state's most unique food combination. Here's how they did it:

So to really sink our teeth into the subject matter, we first surveyed over 2,000 people from 44 states to find out which unique food combinations are enjoyed the most across the U.S. We then polled an additional 500 mothers to get some insight into what expecting moms can anticipate when it comes to food cravings while pregnant.

Many of these food combinations include pineapple on pizza, ketchup on eggs (which is the only way I eat eggs), salt and watermelon, chocolate and popcorn, and chicken and waffles. But what unique food combination was named as Indiana's favorite?

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Are You a Fan of Indiana's Favorite Unique Food Combo?

According to Chicco USA, Indiana's favorite unique food combination is french fries and ice cream. I know quite a few people who enjoy this. Especially french fries and Wendy's Frosty. However, dipping my fries in ice cream isn't something that I have been brave enough to try. Here's what Chicco USA says about this combo:

This classic combination of sweet and salty ranked third in our survey, winning over 10 states across the U.S. Whether you’re in search of a midnight snack or just something simple, french fries and ice cream have got your back. This combination’s popularity resides firmly in the South, West, and Midwest.

So, are you a fan of french fries and ice cream or do you find it disgusting? It was the number one unique food combination in the study, so maybe there's something to it. You can take a look at the other unique food combinations by clicking here.

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