Several famous people have visited Quincy and the Tri-State area, but no one is as popular as everyone's favorite friend Jennifer Aniston.

Do you remember this? She was here for the wedding of a friend of her husband at the time Justin Theroux. The wedding took place at Heartland Lodge in 2017 and just as quickly as she visited, she left the next day.

A video was taken as Aniston left on a private place at the Quincy Regional Airport.

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Famous People Who Have Visited Quincy

Besides Aniston, there have been a few famous and important people who have visited Quincy.

  • President Obama - April 2010
  • President Clinton - January 2000
  • President Theodore Roosevelt - April 1903
  • President McKinley - October 1899
  • President Hays - September 1879

Famous People From Quincy

Quincy is also home to a few celebrities.

  • Jonathan Van Ness - Hair Dresser and TV Personality
  • John Anderson - Actor & Director (Twilight Zone)
  • Mary Astor - Actress (The Maltese Falcon)
  • Roy Brocksmith - Actor (Total Recall)
  • Harry Fleer - Actor (Little Giants)

How awesome would it be to run into someone either from Quincy or driving through? I've been lucky enough to have met some amazing people suck as Nelly, several country artists, and former and current St. Louis Cardinals, but I have yet to meet an actor/actress. You just never know who you will run into on the streets of Quincy.

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