If you and your significant other are retiring and living on social security the experts say there is one town in Missouri that is a perfect spot for you! Here are the details...

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According to an article from Yahoo called The 10 Best Places in Missouri for a Couple to Live on Only a Social Security Check, the best place in Missouri to live in this scenario is Maplewood. Maplewood is a small town located in the suburbs of St. Louis, but why is it number 1 on this list? Yahoo says...

"Maplewood combines the highest livability score in our list with living costs well within reach for retired couples on Social Security-only budgets. This St. Louis suburb offers and up-and-coming foodie scene, brewpubs and a vintage bowling alley dating back to 1916, as well as a historic downtown. About 8,500 people make their home here."

They also mention that Maplewood has an average rent of only $1,039 and a total average cost of living of just under $2,500 a month. The other towns that make the top ten on this list include Jefferson City, Brentwood, Ballwin, Kirkwood, Branson, and more! To see the complete list for yourself, click here!

More on Maplewood

I have never heard of this little suburb of Maplewood but the city has its website that details upcoming events, local businesses, restaurants, and more, you can check out the website for Maplewood by clicking here!

It is nice to know that there are places in Missouri where you can live that are nice with just your Social Security but I would say that has to be stressful like having just your Social Security to support yourself during retirement.

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