Miley Cyrus had an eerie vision just before her old house burned down in the 2018 Woolsey Fire in Malibu, Calif.

"I was filming Black Mirror, and while I was there, the Woolsey Fires happened in Malibu," she revealed in a TikTok video.

"I was in South Africa, but [the episode] was taking place in Malibu, so it was just a real trip," she explained.

"I would have this anxiety attack with a vision attached that I would be strapped down to a gurney," the "Used to Be Young" singer shared.

She went on, "So, I would have these dreams any time I would go to perform, and I thought that was just an anxious vision that made no sense, but actually, as my house was burning down, I was strapped to a gurney with my hands locked in handcuffs strapped to a bed [while filming]."

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In Cyrus' Black Mirror appearance, she played a pop star known as Ashley O, whose life and career were taken over by her controlling aunt in an eerily similar story to that of real-life stars such as Britney Spears when she was forced into a conservatorship.

The episode also mirrors Cyrus's real-life experiences from her Hannah Montana years with its themes of identity and child stardom and was apparently also inspired by holographic performances featuring deceased artists.

The TV pop star's song "On a Roll" went on to become an IRL hit after the episode aired.

"Found out that my house had burnt to the ground – this was the next day," Cyrus added in the TikTok video, referring to the "On a Roll" music video.

"The show must go on," she quipped.

Cyrus' house burned during the Woolsey Fire in November 2018, which killed three people and destroyed hundreds of homes and buildings in Malibu and the surrounding area.

The home was where Cyrus recorded the majority of her discography, starting with her debut solo album, Meet Miley Cyrus.

Watch Miley's TikTok video about her vision, below:

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