I've made no secret of my love for the Indianapolis Colts, so to see Peyton Manning hold up a bright orange Broncos jersey was surreal. After all the hoopla surrounding his departure from the Colts, and the various teams attempting to woo him their way, I knew the day would come that he would sign with another team, but seeing him in front of backdrop decorated with the Broncos logo just didn't seem right. It was a sign of closure that small part of me maybe never wanted.

As I've said before, I think the Colts made the right decision to essentially clean house and start fresh. With all the uncertainties sounding Manning's health coupled with the aging veterans on the team and the chance to draft a player in Andrew Luck that many believe has the capability to be the next Peyton Manning, now was the time for changes. It wasn't the easiest or most popular decision ever made by the franchise, but at the end of the day it was the one that had to be for the future of the franchise. I do believe that if Andrew Luck weren't available in this year's draft or had the Colts won 1-2 more games that would have kept them from getting the number one pick in the draft, the past three months would have never happened. Instead it would have happened 3-4 years from now when all the big name players on the team announced their retirement from the game and went towards the lights of a TV studio somewhere to become analysts. I shudder to think of what kind of team would take the field if that were the case.

I wish Peyton nothing but the best of luck and I'm glad to see that he's been given the opportunity to finish his career on his own terms, but then there's that part of me (the one that maybe didn't want the closure) that would be OK with him not winning a Super Bowl with another team.

Check out the full press conference below to hear Peyton's comments on starting the "next chapter" of his career as well as the future of Tim Tebow, and the decision by his former team (that will always be weird to say), the Indianapolis Colts, to part ways.

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