Who do I need to write a letter to to make this happen?

(MarianVejcik / Thinkstock)
(MarianVejcik / Thinkstock)

It feels as though the West Side Nut Club Fall Festival hasn't really emphasized the FALL aspect for a couple of years. I know that the 2nd largest street festival in America can't do much to control the weather... but what if we tried?

I remember growing up and enjoying 60-75 degree nights at the Fall Festival with my family. Back then I could comfortably wear a hoodie while I tried to win a Limp Bizkit poster by throwing a dart at it.Those are the memories I cherish.

How do we go about making it illegal for it be this hot? Which congress person do I need to write a strongly worded (and sweaty) letter to to pass the law that says Festivals of Fall need to take place during Fall-like temperatures?

I also wouldn't be opposed to moving the Fall Festival deeper into the month of October. I realize that most likely isn't feasible, but imagine how much better your apple cider would taste with a cool Autumn breeze blowing past your face?

If the Farmer's Almanac can predict snow, can't it also give an idea of when it might be cool enough for a street festival? It almost feels as if the week before and after are perfect, while the actually week of Fall Fest is the same temp as the 7th Circle of Hell.

These are just a few suggestions to make Fall Festival comfortable again. My only other suggestion is to arrest the Sun, but we all know those charges won't stick.

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