Was the legendary actor spotted at Backstage Bar and Grill?!

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According to a post going around, Tom Hanks was allegedly spotted at Backstage Bar and Grill after being in town for a League of Their Own reunion. The post is embedded below:

I can 100% say that Tom Hanks is NOT in the Tri-State. The Tri-State Beet is a constant thorn in the side of everyone, as they publish many fake stories, usually including celebrities with ties to Evansville being back in the Tri-State. Even if you (unfortunately) believe that Tom Hanks was at Backstage Bar and Grill, it's super odd that a local business would make no mention of this on their Facebook page. I mean, having Yeungling is a big deal, but I think Tom Hanks being here is a bigger deal.

Also, you'd have heard about any A League of Their Own reunion as that is one of Evansville's big claims to fame. In conclusion, Tom Hanks isn't in the Tri-State and the Tri-State Beet continues to be the worst.

And now you know...

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