Grimes sparked pregnancy rumors by posting a new photo on Instagram.

The experimental musician took to social media to share a pic of herself posing in front of the moon. Rockets appear to be blasting off behind her. Aesthetically, the fantastical photo is very in line with other promo shots that appeared on her page ahead of her new album Book 1.

However, all fans can really focus on is the "Violence" hit-maker. Appearing as a cyborg and holding what looks like a sword, Grimes is proudly showing off an apparent baby bump.

Check out the photo in question below:

Grimes uploaded the photo without comment. However, her fans were quick to rush to social media to speculate on if it meant that she was pregnant with her second child.

It's totally possible that she's just trolling the public. After all, this is the musician who hit the streets dressed like an elf to read Karl Marx's The Communist Manifesto in an effort to get one over on the paparazzi earlier this year. She clearly knows how to troll with the best of them...

On the flip side, it's worth pointing out that Grimes teased her first pregnancy in a similar manner. The hit-maker took to Instagram to upload a nude photo with an image of a fetus superimposed over her stomach. After fans went crazy speculating about the artistic maternity shot, she took to Instagram to confirm her happy news.

She gave birth to her first child —X Æ A-Xii — in May of 2020. She co-parents her son with his father Elon Musk.

If she is pregnant again, it is unclear if Musk is the father. The duo is currently at least "semi-separated." It was widely speculated that her new single "Player of Games" is about her relationship with the tech-billionaire.

Thus far, Grimes does not appear to have commented on if she is actually pregnant with her second child. Instead, she took to Twitter yesterday to tease a possible career change after the release of her upcoming album. No, she doesn't want to give up music. She wants to give up being a celebrity.

"Celebrity culture is suffocating a f," she tweeted. "I'm not quitting music but def changing my main day job after BOOK 1."

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