Back in April Facebook bought Instagram, a free photo sharing app for your smart phone.  It's not the fact that Facebook bought Instagram that has everyone mad, it's what's inside the new terms and conditions that just recently came out.  Instagram has changed it's terms and conditions which are set to go into effect in January, and it has people really mad.  For good reason.

I'm not one who ever reads terms and conditions, I know it's  something I should get better at, but let's be honest every time iTunes updates their terms and conditions do you actually read all 6 zillion pages before accepting?  Probably not because we have lives. Anyways the new terms and conditions for Instagram has sparked a pretty big controversy.  And for good reason.

I'm a huge fan of Instagram.  In all honesty I probably use it as much (if not more) than Facebook.  Those are definitely my two favorite social media sites.  So when these new Terms and conditions were released I was a little more than agitated.

The new terms and conditions go into effect on January 16, and if you don't delete your Instagram before then, they claim the right to sell YOUR photos.  Under the new terms and conditions Facebook claims right to license all public Instagram photos to companies or any other organization for advertising purposes.  Essentially this would make Instagram the largest stock photo center on the internet.  Oh and if they use your personal images you don't get paid.  Yep.  They said that too.

So basically, say there's a hotel somewhere and they want to use your photos in their ads, that includes television ads, brochures, on their websites, etc.. they could cut Facebook a check and then use your photos.  You don't get any credit or get paid.  Which to you if you're not a photographer that may not be a huge deal, however for parents that could cause an issue.  These new terms cover every photo.  Say the hotel is on a beach and you take a picture of your little one on the beach in front of the hotel, that can be used without your permission.  So a photo of your child can be used in ads and everything without you knowing, your consent, or payment.

Another downfall to the new terms and conditions is that if you were to keep uploading photos after January 16th, but then delete your account, you may have granted Facebook the right to still sell those images in perpetuity. There's no  language in the terms and conditions that says deleting an account terminates Facebook's rights.

One Instagram user called the new additions to the terms and conditions "Instagram's suicide note."  What are your thoughts on this?  Will you be continuing to use Instagram or will you be deleting your account before January 16th 2013? let me know in the comments below!

I'm torn, on one hand I don't have kids so the privacy thing isn't really an issue for me, but I'd be pretty irked if I knew a company used my photo and I got no credit whatsoever.  I can't decide...I love Instagram, why do they have to treat me like this?!

If you want to read more I found an amazing article at Cnet. Click here!