Earlier in the month, Indianapolis Colts mascot, Blue, asked the teams' cheerleaders if they would be willing to follow the lead of the Colts players and shave their heads if he could get fans to donate $10,000 to leukemia research by November 25th. Fans went above and beyond, raising over double the goal, so now it was time for one brave cheerleader to keep up her end of the bargain.

After first-year head coach, Chuck Pagano was diagnosed with leukemia in late September, effectively cutting short his rookie season as an NFL head coach in order to devote all his focus on effectively treating the disease, several players, including rookie quarterback, Andrew Luck, shaved their heads as a show of support for their head coach. Those who chose not to, have instead been wearing splashes of orange on their gloves or shoes as it is the official color of leukemia awareness.

After Blue's issued his challenge to the cheerleaders, Megan M., a beautiful young woman with long brown hair answered the call and agreed to lose her locks if fans came through and met the $10,000 goal. The goal was met, and then some, as a grand total of $22,670 was raised.

Now it was just a matter of Megan taking a seat and watching as all her hair, that I assume took years to grow, fell to the turf during the fourth quarter of yesterday's game against the Buffalo Bills (a game the Colts won to extend their record to 7-4 — GO COLTS!). Megan wasn't alone however as fellow cheerleader Crystal Ann agreed to do the same before game time on Sunday.

The team continues to accept monetary donations through their website as well as offer fans and supporters the opportunity to purchase special edition #Chuckstrong t-shirts and wristbands with proceeds benefiting leukemia research at the IU Simon Cancer Center..