Camping season is upon us, and for many, that means loading the family, and sometimes the pets, into the car and heading off to one of the many beautiful state parks in Indiana. However, there are some things pet owners should know before taking their animals to camp.

Pets in the Campgrounds

I have some experience camping at Indiana State Parks, and they are beautiful natural resources for those of us that enjoy the great outdoors. While I have never personally taken a pet camping, I have been camping and seen plenty of other campers with their dogs running off-leash, or sometimes people will use pet fencing - similar to a toddler's playpen or play yard. It turns out both of those things are a big no-no at Indiana State Parks.

Proper Pet Management at Indiana State Parks

While it may seem convenient to use portable fencing for your pets, it is not the safest option. In fact, it isn't even allowed at Indiana State Parks. Fencing can create a whole host of bad situations, and could even allow access for pets to jump outside of the enclosure and get loose. Instead, Indiana State Parks recommend the use of a 6-foot leash or a cage. In a post made to Facebook, Indiana State Parks describe a cage as,

A cage has a top, bottom, and sides and is appropriately sized for the animal so the animal can be clearly confined and so that other animals cannot enter the space where the pet is located. The cage should be made of durable material that separates the pet from the immediate area and may also be used to transport the pet safely. A pet fence is considered a structure and is not permitted. The only structures that are permitted on your campsite are tents, RVs, and/or a dining fly.

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Before You Head to Camp

Before you pack up the car with all your gear, you may want to take a minute to familiarize yourself with the various rules for visitors of Indiana State Parks. You can do that here: In.Gov/instateparkrules.

[Source: Indiana State Parks via Facebook]

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