There may be a bit of the Luck of the Irish in Indiana!

St. Patrick's Day
Adam Crowhurst/Getty Images Sport

According to CandyStore, Indiana is one of the rowdiest states to spend St. Patrick's Day! I was actually pretty shocked to find this out. Normally, when you think St. Paddy's Day, you think of Massachusetts because of Boston. Massachusetts is ranked very high, but it is New York that was actually voted the rowdiest.

Rowdiness was determined on a number of different factors, including number of parades and events. In the case of Illinois, they were ranked high since Chicago turns the river green every year. If you turn a river a different color, you're probably gonna be ranked pretty high.

The site had this to say about Indiana:

"The Fighting Irish would be proud to see that Indiana has five raucous St. Patrick’s Day parades—one of the best right near the University of Notre Dame, of course! The Michigan City St. Patrick’s Day parade allows anyone to march for free—so whether you want to watch from the curb or walk and sing in an Irish brogue, you can."

We owe a pretty big thanks to Notre Dame for being in our state and no doubt giving us an edge over some other states. Overall, Indiana is ranked 13th which isn't too bad considering I didn't think we'd be ranked at all!

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