Are you a horror movie junkie like myself, and start your day with some coffee and a scary movie? Since its big screen debut in July of 2013, The Conjuring has been labeled by many as being a classic hit. 'Conjuring' up a whopping $319.5 million at the box office, it was a sure bet for horror movie watchers from the get-go.

And while ghost hunts and tours have been available at the real, Conjuring House for a while now, the owners are now offering visitors a camping experience on the property. Are you ready to pack your bags and head to one of the most famously haunted locations in the US? 

The Story Behind the House

This land has been around for thousands of years, first inhabited by local Native American tribes of the area. The house that sits on the land was built in 1736 and was passed down to male heirs throughout multiple generations. The homeplace has bared witness to many nor'easters, and wars such as the King Williams War, the Revolutionary War, and the Civil War. The home itself holds testament to the need to preserve landmarks due to their historical importance. As you can imagine, over several hundred years, tragedy has befallen the farm, and in doing so has created a lasting legend of horrors'.

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The Legacy of the Warrens

This residence was investigated off and on for what is said to have been nearly a decade. Ed, a demonologist, and his wife Lorraine made a name for themselves by investigating highly publicized cases of paranormal activities across the states and even Europe. The Warrens have conducted investigations at the Amityville Horror House and as seen in The Conjuring 2, they investigated the renounced Enfield case in Northern London, England.
They collected haunted and possessed items and stored them safely away at their home. These items now make up a particularly creepy museum of the occult that is operated by Warren's Son-in-law curator, Tony Spera. Here you can meet what might be the most evil doll in the world, Annabelle. A doll made famous with its spin-off series of films.
Ed passed away in August 2006 and Lorraine in 2019 and were married for over 60 years until Ed's passing.

 Ghoulish Glamping June 2023- October 2023

With limited availability, this is a rare opportunity for all paranormal enthusiasts. There are different levels of terror found in multiple locations around the property. From an extraterrestrial portal location or the pet cemetery, you can choose your level of fright based on the campsite location on the property. Fright Factor ranges from 6-10 spread across eight different locations. Choose your base camp on how brave you are.

Visitors are encouraged to bring paranormal investigating equipment for their overnight stay. Tents can accommodate up to 3-4 people and guests are advised to not bring anyone under the age of 18 and anyone 13 and under is prohibited. Check-in times are at 5 pm promptly but guests are asked to arrive around 15 minutes early to sign waivers. Visit the website to book this once-in-a-lifetime experience in Rhode Island.

Want an Experience Spookier than Camping?

The Conjuring House also offers overnight stays INSIDE the house. The website states that you'll enjoy an overnight adventure under the expertise of a an investigator. They will take you on a tour, show you how to use the investigation equipment, lead an investigation, and then give you (gulp) free time to look around the house. Oh, and they provide dinner too. Sweet!

This experience is designed for any paranormal curious or paranormal enthusiast who wants to engage with the house on an overnight adventure under the expertise of an investigator. Guests will be provided with a tour of the house, pizza, and beverages and then participate with the investigation host. Overnights are $190 a night and you must be at least 16 to participate.

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