When a couple gets engaged, the next thing that happens, to announce the engagement, is the engagement photos. If you don't take photos and post them on social media, you aren't really engaged, are you?

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My first engagement photos were taken in the back room of a very bland and office-like photo-developing store. A guy that came into the restaurant we both worked at, offered to take them for us for a very cheap fee. Let's just say, you get what you pay for. Thank goodness there were no social media sites back in the very early nineties. I would have been embarrassed to post them. But, at the time, I thought they were amazing. Just like him. I have since changed my mind on both.

When I got engaged to my current husband, we didn't get any photos taken. We were going to get married a few months later, so it seemed silly and a waste of money. Looking back, I wish we had taken some really fun photos that reflected our peronailties. I see a photoshoot much like the photos I took of us during quarantine. You can see the hilarious pics in a photo gallery below.

I'm so jealous of the engagement photos that one of my former students and her husband took to make their big announcement. Lanae was always extremely talented, creative, and fiercely independent. With the help of her equally creative husband, they set out to make engagement photos into something no one would ever forget.

The incredibly talented photographer/videographer, Mitchell Ellis, of Black Pixel Studio, helped Lanae and Matt turn their engagement photos into horror movie masterpieces.

Indiana Couple Takes Amazing Horror Movie Engagement Photos

This year will mark their sixth wedding anniversary. Join me in wishing them a lifetime of spooky happiness.

Here are the photos I took of my husband during quarantine. I can see our engagement pics being something like these.

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