Mother nature decided to roll into August with quite a roar. Storms brought high winds, hail, and a lot of rain and lightning to the Evansville area, and the rain isn't over yet.

CenterPoint Energy

What If My Power Is Out?

CenterPoint Energy customers can sign up for updates, and estimated times for your power to return. If your power is out, simply text the word "OUT" to 83212.

Downed Power Lines

If you come across downed power lines, first of all, don't drive over them. The live lines can be very dangerous and deadly. CenterPoint Energy says to stay at least 10 ft away from downed lines, poles & any other damaged power equipment. You should then report them by calling us at 800-227-1376.

Busy Time For First Responders

Between Monday, August 1, 2022, at 6:30 PM, and Tuesday, August 2, 2022, at 6:30 AM, Evansville Police Officers responded to 320 dispatched runs. That's a lot more than a typical 12-hour period.  Evansville Police Officers also assisted the Evansville Fire Department.

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There is more rain in our forecast, power outages are affecting several traffic lights, and flooding is becoming an issue. EPD shared some tips on how to stay safe during the storms.

  • Drive slowly - Be aware of standing water and downed power lines and trees
  • Give Yourself Extra Time - Some intersections do not have power, and the traffic lights are out or flashing red. You should treat this as a four-way stop
  • Be Patient - Remember that our First Responders and Emergency crews have been working through the night, and this morning to keep us all safe.

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