If you have a habit of leaving your driver's license at home or in your car, the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicle has some good news for you! Governor Eric Holcomb has just signed a bill into law allowing digital driver's license app for phones, with real-time updates.

We've all been in a situation at one time or another where we've had to run out to the car to get your DL in order to buy liquor or tobacco products, or even to use a credit card. Which is great for identity theft prevention but SUCH A HASSLE when you're not used to carrying it on you.

The new Digital Driver's License will be available on a secure app provided by the BMV similar to the system that Police use in their cars. So it's not like just taking a picture of your drivers license and showing it on your phone like I did in the picture above. A few states like Louisiana already have the new system in place and it seems to be well accepted.

Many states already allow for the use of digital Insurance cards as proof of coverage and since most of us carry our phones with us at all times anyway, it seems like a logical step to move towards digital DL's. Indiana hopes to have to program in place by 2021.

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