It's a time in life that, if you are fortunate enough to get to, should be a time to enjoy your life after you have spent a lifetime working so hard. But, for too many, the silver years are a lonely and isolated time, especially during the holidays.

Thanks to an Indiana woman, some in an Evansville assisted living facility will have a Christmas of gifts and love.

My friend, Della, shared a heartbreaking story of need and loneliness and wanted me to help spread the word to help. She's reaching out to the generous people in the Tristate to help her make some beautiful people who feel forgotten, feel loved.

This is what she is doing.


The reason she chose to step up and help

My mom has been at Wyndmoor for a year. After she broke her spine during covid. My mom Chris is current Resident Council President and calls BINGO. My mom has been calling BINGO her entire stay, it was a few days ago I learned the main reason she still calls bingo is because the residents who play win prizes. I hadn't given it much thought. My mom then told me that she calls bingo because the residents look forward to the prizes. She informed me they would win Soap, TP or snacks they otherwise can not afford on their fixed incomes.

The more Della heard about the residents, the more she wanted to find a way to help. She  reached out to Executive Director, who loved the idea of a gift drive. Della knew she could make it happen.

I see the need being year round. Why not try to fill it. There are currently 40 residents at Wyndmoor Assisted Living Facility, 44 employees who actually adopt residents for Christmas to be sure they would get a holiday.

Della is collecting hygiene products, snacks, coloring books, pencils, non-slip socks, dish dish soap, and more.

Here is a complete list of items needed.


Della is an amazing and giving  person who realizes the true meaning of Christmas.

I enjoy helping people. I enjoy knowing someone feels love and isn't doing without.

If you can help, please help make the holidays merry and bright for those living at Wyndmoor.

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