One of the things we all need to be better at is raising girls who will grow up to be strong, confident women. Today, we are doing a lot better job than when I was a little girl. Looking back, it's a wonder any of us found our voice.

Luckily for our daughters and granddaughters, we are making it our job to give our girls confidence in their own voice and it's definitely showing. We are raising a generation of women like no other generation before them.

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No one is better at doing things to create strength in our granddaughter, than her Papa. He is a natural at talking to her in a way that has always worked to give her the tools she needs to lead with her voice, explain her point of view, express herself and even protest with intelligent argument.

Going through some old videos, on my husband's phone, we came across this gem. It's a perfect example of how, even when he is teasing her, he is teaching her how to hold her own.

Norah was three years old, at the time, and she was helping Mammy and Papa shop at the grocery store. Once Papa started complaining about her attitude and shopping cart driving, it was game on. I see a lot of myself in this one. LOL

Just to be clear, she wasn't doing anything wrong. Her grandpa just like to tease her all the time. He wasn't trying to reprimand her and she talks back. She was sticking up for herself against his annoying teasing. That is all.

Norah is in no way being disrespectful to her grandpa or me. We were all just having fun, watching her handle an annoying situation. If anyone is in the wrong here, it is her super annoying grandpa for being a relentless teaser.

I, frankly, think she handled the situation very well. It makes me laugh every time I watch it.

Not all of their conversations are verbal combat, sometimes he just likes to hear her talk and show her that her words are worth listening too.

As you can see, he started teaching her very early on.

This is another example of just how he has helped build her creative, confident and strong personality. I love him even more than I already do every time I watch one of these videos.

Norah is lucky to have him in her life and he feels equally as lucky to have her in his

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