A structure that would allow us to live on the moon was just chosen as the "coolest thing in Illinois," and it was built in Rockford.

Illinois Manufacturers Association Chooses Winner of Makers Madness

An annual competition from the Illinois Manufacturers Association that "celebrates the incredible work of manufacturers across Illinois" just selected its winner. The IMA represents the "backbone" of the Illinois economy with $580 to $611 billion in annual economic impact on the state.

This year, almost 250 entries competed for the title of Illinois' "coolest thing" and included submissions from "COVID testing supplies to iconic pantry staples, sweet treats, and a variety of vehicles."

Last year the Rivian R1T electric pickup truck from Normal, Illinois was selected as the "coolest thing in Illinois."

And the 2023 Winner of Makers Madness is...

The Rosenberg Moon Habitat that was manufactured by Rockford's own Ingersoll Machine Tools.

Awarded by Governor Pritzker on Wednesday night (3/29) at a banquet in Springfield, Illinois, the habitat stands 23 feet tall and is the world's tallest single-piece polymer structure created on a 3D printer.

The habitat is a 3D-printed polymer structure "designed to house humans on the moon" and "built to house a crew of two people."

Illinois is a state built around innovation— from the Ferris Wheel to the dishwasher to the zipper. The best of that legacy continues to shine through with Makers Madness and the Rosenberg Moon Habitat by Ingersoll Machine Tools. This team quite literally reached for the stars and imagined a future of space travel and habitation that inspires us all. To them and to all the participants, congratulations, and thank you for all you do to make Illinois a hub of innovation. -Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker

In a press release, CEO of Ingersoll Machine Tools Jeff Ahrstrom thanked his team of machine tool professionals stating that they "conceive, develop, and realize the challenging solutions manufacturers demand in space, air, land and sea."

To see the Sweet 16 finalists that competed for Makers Madness, CLICK HERE.

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