Everyone knows the University of Wisconsin-Madison is the home of the Badgers and one of the biggest party schools in the U.S., but many people don't know that several places on the beautiful campus are extremely haunted.

From phantom footsteps to ghostly apparitions, these buildings at UW Madison have long been the subject of eerie tales and chilling experiences.

UW Madison's Most Haunted Places

I've been to UW Madison's campus several times in my life for different events, but I never realized I could have been walking alongside some mysterious spirits.

The other day I came across an article from badgerherald.com about the many haunts of UW-Madison, and I'd be lying if I said it didn't give me the chills.

The Union Theater

Wisconsin Union Theater via Facebook
Wisconsin Union Theater via Facebook

This beautiful theater is reportedly haunted by two male ghosts that tragically died inside the theater. Several people have reported seeing a male figure hanging out above Shannon Hall, and many believe this man was a construction worker who fell to his death in 1939 while working on the original building.

The second spirit is believed to be Samuel Segal, a timpanist with the Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra who suffered a heart attack on stage during a performance and died without anyone realizing it in 1950. These two phantoms are responsible for "unexplained sounds of  footsteps, doors locking themselves, and lights turning on and off."

Bascom Hill and Bascom Hall

University of Wisconsin-Madison via Facebook
University of Wisconsin-Madison via Facebook

The Badger Herald says this big hill leading up to Bascom Hall at the core of UW-Madison's campus used to serve as a cemetery for white settlers until about 1846. Several bodies were found lying underneath the hill when construction on the famous Abraham Lincoln statue that lies at the entrance of Bascom Hall began in 1918. (There are two plaques on the side of the statue that prove this actually happened).

Legend also says that Bascom Hall itself is haunted by the ghost of one of the University's former presidents. Many paranormal experiences in this building happen on the fourth floor, where the ghostly president's office was located.

UW-Madison's Science Hall

University of Wisconsin-Madison via Facebook
University of Wisconsin-Madison via Facebook

Of all the spooky stories that UW-Madison's campus has to tell, the ones involving the Science Center are probably the creepiest.

According to the Badger Herald;

In the early 1900s, medical students in the anatomy department performed autopsies on cadavers in the upper floors of Science Hall. “Study specimens” were accidentally left behind in storage after moving buildings in 1957.

Since that time, an embalmed foot and ankle, and leg bones have been found in two different attic spaces in the building, but that is not where the creepiness stops.

At least two tragic deaths have happened inside the Science Center, and many people say you can still feel their presence when you're within its walls.

Do these stories make you want to steer clear of UW-Madison's campus, OR do you want to hear more? Check out this article for more creepy stories about UW-Madison's Science Center...if you dare.

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