Residences of cities like North Myrtle Beach, Wilmington, and Jacksonville effected by Hurricane Florence were warned REPEATEDLY to evacuate by city officials and while the majority of those that COULD leave did, many didn't. Their reason ranged from not being that concerned since they've survived other hurricanes, fear of looters stealing their stuff, or simple stubbornness.

As I was watching things unfold on the news there were people actually SWIMMING and SURFING in the ocean. Reporters were BEGGING them to come out the water and follow the evacuation but they kept right on surfing. Some city officials even went so far as to ask for the next of kin of those who were refusing to evacuate adding that, "NO RESCUE EFFORTS would be authorized until the winds had calmed down which would be at LEAST 48 hours or more!"

But in the North Myrtle Beach area alone, a volunteer group of citizens with boats called "The Cajun Navy" rescued over 500 people that refused to evacuate and were trapped either in or on top of their houses! Somehow they think if they stay, the storm won't destroy their house! People don't realize the danger that they put themselves and the FIRST RESPONDERS that have to come get them in when they ignore the mandatory evacuation orders.

I remember when the remnants of Hurricane Katrina cause some moderate flooding here in Evansville because of all the excessive rain. The rose up to bottom of my car flooding it out and actually LIFTING it off the ground. I was ready to leave THEN let alone waiting for an evacuation.

But I wanna know, "If the TRI-STATE had a mandatory evacuation because of an impending flood or storm, WOULD YOU LEAVE?"

Leave your answers in the comment box and I'll read the results during next weeks show!

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