Billionaire 22-year-old Kylie Jenner started her beauty empire back in 2015 and has been killin' the game ever since. 

I remember back when Kylie Cosmetics consisted only of liquid lip kits and liners. I got an entire set for Christmas one year and was thrilled. Since then, Kylie Cosmetics has turned into a billion-dollar empire and rocketed Kylie Jenner into super-stardom. Now there's Kylie lips, eyeshadows, liners, lipsticks, setting powders, and the list goes on and on. Most recently, Kylie entered the skincare game with the launch of KYLIESKIN.

The line consists of serums, lotions, face scrubs and washes, and lip scrubs. Because I am a sucker for anything Kylie, I knew I had to try some things from this line. I am usually a little hesitant to try new products on my face because my skin is super sensitive, especially to scented products. But, I had read enough reviews and done enough research that I was OK with testing them out.

KYLIESKIN is now available at Ulta, so I went to the one in Evansville to grab the product versus buying it online. Most of Kylie's products are available at Ulta now, as well as sister Kim Kardashian's KKW Beauty line.

I got the following:

Foaming Face Wash: $24
Face Moisturizer: $24
Walnut Face Scrub: $22

There are several more products, but I'm on a budget. I chose the items I could use on a daily basis. I have been using these products for several days now, so it still isn't long enough to tell if my skin has improved. However, I am able to discuss the quality of the products and my overall opinion.

First, I tried the exfoliating walnut face scrub. Right away I noticed the grittiness wasn't overwhelming. The texture was sandy but not abrasive. I considered it the perfect amount of exfoliating material paired with a soft, buttery underlay. It left my skin feeling really soft. I wasn't red or raw afterward.
Would I recommend? Yes.

Next, I tried the moisturizer. This stuff is a GAME. CHANGER. Instantly I let out a "ooohhhh yeaaaaah". I am a sucker for moisturizer (IT IS THE KEY TO STAYING YOUTHFUL!!!!). I've tried tons of them throughout the years and I can say this one just might be my favorite. I also really like Tarte's H20 moisturizer, but that's another story. This feels like a combination of a primer and a light moisturizer. It isn't too heavy, but still feels like your skin is soaking it in. I used it after exfoliating with the face scrub and my face felt heavenly.
Would I recommend? Absolutely.

I also purchased the foaming face wash to use on my non-exfoliating days. I don't like to exfoliate my facial skin every single day. So, I bought the foaming wash to use on my off-days. I would compare the face wash to the moisturizer. It was a rich lather that was light but buttery. It didn't feel "airy" on my hands like most other foaming wash does. It was thick yet light, if that makes any sense at all. It went on creamy and felt really yummy. My skin felt super soft after I washed it off. Again, I moisturized after and the combo of the two products paired really nicely.
Would I recommend? Yes.

Overall, I give KYLIESKIN a 10/10. I have sensitive skin, and none of these products irritated it. In fact, they felt more mild than a lot of the other products I was previously using. The only catch is the price, but I'm also not used to paying for high-end skincare products. I will be buying these again.

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