Nashvillians are still assessing the damage after tornadoes devastated the East side of Nashville. According to USA Today, at least 24 people lost their lives in the tornado, and another 38 are still missing from Putnam County. The Emergency Management Agency of Putnam County released the updated missing persons list:

  • Lisa Burgess
  • Rachel Baughman
  • Katherine Julian
  • Doreen Black
  • Ryan Hunter
  • Penny Penelope Cole
  • Phyllis Burchett
  • Charles Spurlock
  • Diana and Robert Smith
  • Michael Bowers
  • Iris Walker
  • Dwight Gentry
  • Rocky Smith
  • Stella Zuller
  • Ryan Packinghan
  • Dustin Kingsland
  • David Phillips
  • Maureen Langford & Andi Otis
  • Edward Carter
  • Tommy Knight
  • Robin & Bethany Babb
  • Joey Dedemicis
  • Joe Murphy Jr.
  • Denton Nelson
  • Glen & Anthony Phillips
  • Rick Stegill
  • Rocky Smith
  • Ryan Packinghan
  • Tracy & Cody McGhee
  • Peyton Jackson
  • Colton Matheney
  • Kathy Koch
  • Joe Yoder

One structure held its own against the storm, and it's pretty amazing. The 'I Believe in Nashville' murals are as recognizable as the 'Batman' building. The mural is located at 917 Woodland Street. It faces downtown, toward the river.

After seeing that, it's easy to believe this description of the mural from the 'I Believe in Nashville' Facebook page, 'It is a symbol of unity and civic pride created by Nashville artist and owner/designer of DCXV, Adrien Saporiti. Nashville is a unique nexus of cosmopolitan and Southern culture, and if there is one thing that connects us all, it's the city itself.'

Here is a better view from Google, before the storm.

917 Woodland St Google Maps
917 Woodland St Google Maps

The entire country is ready to help Nashville clean up and rebuild. The American Red Cross of Tennessee is providing shelter and support for families and individuals that have been affected. You can help the efforts with monetary donations.

How You Can Help:

Donate Blood - Over 200 victims are in Nashville area hospitals, making the need for blood urgent. Just 1 pint of blood can help save as many as 3 lives. Find a blood drive or organize your own HERE.

Monetary Donations - The Red Cross has made it very easy to designate where your monetary donations go. You can use the drop-down on their online form, and select Disaster Relief HERE

Disaster Response - This is a very specific way to help. The Red Cross is asking for trained volunteers to join their Disaster Reaction Team in Nashville. If you are already trained, you'll find information on how to help HERE.

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