The timing seems pretty perfect, almost like it was meant to be, for the annual Celebration of Leadership awards. It was this time last year when things started shutting down and our worlds were turned upside down - it's also when we started to see what people were really made of. We got to see our communities step to help those in need, in ways that we never imagined we'd have to. So a year later, how fitting is it that we have the opportunity to recognize and celebrate all the leaders in our area?

While the coronavirus situation continues to improve and restrictions continue to be lessened, we still are not 100% free and clear, so for the second year in a row, the Celebration of Leadership will not be open to the public. Instead, it will once again be available to watch online and on TV. This online format actually has its benefits in that allows more people, anyone who wants, to watch the awards ceremony.

Leadership Everyone will make this year's COL event available in three different places...

  • Live on WNIN on Thursday, March 18th at 7pm, plus a replay at 5:30pm on Sunday, March 21st.
  • On the Leadership Everyone Facebook page
  • On the Leadership Everyone YouTube channel

Take a minute to look through the list of amazing people and organizations that have been nominated this year. Do you know someone that should absolutely be recognized and celebrated for their leadership in the community? Now's the time to go ahead and nominate them for next year's awards. Fill out the Celebration of Leadership Nomination Form.

Of course, we could never talk (or write) about Leadership Everyone and NOT hear from the Leadership Queen herself, Lynn Miller Pease. The Leadership Everyone CEO joined us on the MY Morning Show to remind us about the awards and how important it is to recognize these amazing people, especially after the year we've had.

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