The coronavirus tried to stop Leadership Everyone's 25th Annual Celebration of Leadership Awards, but they found a way for the show to go on. Nominees and award winners were recognized in a televised special on WNIN.

We live in such a community-oriented area. I love the amount of people and organizations that are doing good things everyday. The Celebration of Leadership will air again on WNIN on Sunday, July 5, at 4:00 pm and Wednesday, July 8, at 11:00 pm.

Division Awards

Individual – Division Recipient – Philip Smith

Project/Program – Division Recipient – BRIDGE

Business/Organization – Division Recipient – United Caring Services


Special Awards

The Spirit Award – Jana Green and Dexter

Sam Featherstone Youth Award – Individual – Xavier Davidson

Sam Featherstone Youth Award – Individual – Noah Nellis

Sam Featherstone Youth Award – Individual – Blake Podewils

Sam Featherstone Youth Award – Project/Program – Piggies for Presents

Sportsmanship Award – Evansville Junior Football League Colts

Sportsmanship Award – Reitz Memorial High School Football Team

Bryce Jordan Servant Leader Award – “Fresh Fruit Friday & Power Protein Peanutbutter”

Susan Kelley Jordan Courage Award – Summer El-Khodary

Lt. Col. Reginald Gibson Award – Steve Reffett

Willie Effie Thomas Diversity Award – cMoe’s Children’s March on Evansville

Shirley James “Greening the Community” Award – Morton Solar & Electric

Nancy Sieben Koehler Sustainability Award – Kirsten Wagmeister for HeartSaver

Sara B. Davies Award – Florintine Dawn

Darrell Ragland Award – DeAndre Wilson

Transformational Inclusion Award – Fifth Third Bank

Inspiration Award – Indiana Ambition Basketball

Regional Impact Award – Albion’s Primary Prevention Program

Civic Engagement Award – Delaware/Dream Center Partnership

Outstanding Innovation Award – DNA Lab

Philanthropy Award – High Score Saloon

Visionary Award – Southern Indiana Mentoring Academy (SIMA)

Community Collaboration Award – Aurora Homeless Outreach Team

Lifetime Award – Carol Abrams

Lifetime Award – Bettye Poole

Lifetime Award – Dave Schutte


Recognition for Individual Achievement

Individual – Community & Neighborhood – Jerry and Kimberly Lewis

Individual – Education – Jacque Barnette

Individual – Government, Public Service, & Environment – Tanisha Carothers

Individual – Health & Social Services – Tracey Titus

Individual – Arts – Brittany Samsil


Recognition for Project or Program Achievement

Project/Program – Arts – Rogue & Peasant Aces ChangeLab

Project/Program – Community & Neighborhood – Junior League of Evansville Lunch Program

Project/Program – Education – “Walk a Mile in My Shoes” Refugee Camp Simulation

Project/Program – Government, Public Service, & Environment – Victim Assistance Unit

Project/Program – Health & Social Services – Mobile Food Pantry


Recognition for Business or Organization Achievement

Business/Organization – Arts – ParksFest Music Festival

Business/Organization – Community & Neighborhood – Churches Embracing Offenders

Business/Organization – Education – Jacob Ball Wish Fund

Business/Organization – Government, Public Service, & Environment – Hangers

Business/Organization – Health & Social Services – Tribe

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