A lot of my posts start out with... so I was scrolling through Facebook and saw something. This post isn't any different! I was scrolling through Facebook and saw an ad for some beauty thing at Ulta. I don't remember the product (some magnetic lashes, maybe) but I do remember the model! She had bright pink eyebrows.

The product had nothing to do with eyebrows but all of the comments were about the brows. People LOVED them and they did look FAB on her. Full disclosure, I pay zero attention to my brows even though I know I should. Lately, I noticed that they are getting lighter and lighter so in order to avoid looking like an alien or having to rename myself "Flossie," I color them in with a bit of brown eye shadow. Not too much though - one of my brows is arched in a permanent "I'm judging you" position. One of these days I'll have the time and energy to go get them professionally done but when you sit at home day after day, it's kind of like, why? I mean, you see how bright my brows are... But my husband didn't notice my brows were purple and blue so who are we kidding?

Anyway, back to the pink brows... I Google searched this and I found a method that was easy, temporary, and I had everything I needed around the house. Now, were my results perfect? No. You can still see some of my natural color through the purple and blue. But this isn't something I plan on rocking out every day. In fact, I had to immediately wash it off so that I didn't forget I had Easter egg eyebrows and go out in public. I'm sure everyone BUT my husband would notice! Especially when the mask covers half of your face.

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If you are braver than me and want to rock the colored brow, here's the step-by-step tutorial.

How to Temporarily Color Your Eyebrows for Spring

It's spring! That means bring on the bright colors and a new look! If you love dying Easter eggs and just want some of that action on your face, here's a quick tutorial on how to color your eyebrows fun shades like pink, blue, purple, or green.

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