The potholes across the Tri-State are no joke. 

If you're like most drivers in the area, you've been dodging potholes left and right lately. The constant change of weather seems to have wreaked havoc on the roadways. Following the weekend flooding, numerous people were left with flat tires and damage to their vehicles after hitting potholes.

However, there's a way to get compensation for your damages if you've been victimized by Indiana's potholes on state-funded roads. I called up INDOT and asked a couple questions. Turns out, all you have to do is file a claim through the Attorney General's office if you hit  a pothole on a state road. It's called a Tort Claim Notice, and it's pretty easy to fill out.

If you damage your vehicle on a city funded road in Evansville, call Evansville Street Maintenance at 812-436-4988. For damages made on a Vanderburgh County road call (812) 435-5773. You'll be directed to fill out a specific Tort Claim Notice for theses offices.

According to the Vanderburgh County Road Dept, if you damage your car on a pothole that is on a railroad crossing right-of-way, this is considered private property and you must contact the railroad for compensation. Many railroads have an indicator at crossings that specify the railroad. Please contact personal property owners for any vehicle damage that occurs on private property such as a business parking lot, or drive way.

So, there's still hope for all the vehicle victims of the Tri-State's potholes. Meanwhile, continue avoiding them the best you can. Best of luck!



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