Just when I thought the reality show buzz was dying down, some Hollywood hot shot come up with a new one! This one is a reality show surrounding the family of recently passed, R&B Diva Whitney Houston. The family was thrown into dissarray after Whitney's death, with Bobby Brown being shunned by the ENTIRE Houston family (as if her death was somehow HIS fault), to Bobbi Kristina getting engaged to her adoptive brother!

If this didn't have REALITY SHOW written all over it, I don't know what does. Apparently the family is on board with the project that is scheduled to air on the LIFETIME channel, according to a family rep. The show is going to get all in the family troubles and let you know just HOW disfunctional the Houston clan really is. I think I might even tune in to an episode or two, just to see how far they go with it.

I'm surprised that a Jackson reality show was never put into the works...I DEFINITELY would watch that! Will you be watching the HOUSTON's reality show?

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